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Hi Peter,
My trip to your country was  very enjoyable Louis was a very very good host donating all of his time for me. I wish that you also thank him for me
Judging the sheep was a pleasure as everyone was so friendly and presented there sheep very well. I had already met a few of them in the past and it was good to catch up. The quality of the sheep was very uniform which is good to see, good bodies with nice head and legs. In the UK at our shows sheep are fed too much and are mostly to fat which is not good for breeding. The sheep presented at your show came to me in what I call breeding condition which was very pleasing, the champion and most 1st prize sheep would in my opinion compete very well over here, It is also my opinion that your sheep are becoming very much stronger in size and quality as the lamb classes were very strong and evenly matched especially the ewe lambs . This can only be good for the future so here's wishing everyone I met and all the breeders the very best for the future.
        I really enjoyed my trip so thanks once again for asking me.
                                                  Kind Regards
                                         Keith Denby

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